Laura K
17 years old
from Germany
Currently living in Brussels, Belgium
Lived in the Fiji Islands for 4 years

I have always loved dressing up and trying out different clothes or pieces of jewellery and so started to develop that certain ''passion for fashion'', i guess you could say. Since i was small i travelled a lot with my family which enabled me to discover new cultures and traditions. In order to capture these memories, photos were taken so the memories weren't lost. My goal is to try and do this but just with what i put together from the different pieces of my wardrobe which don't quite really go in a specific direction-it's kind of a real fruit salad with different styles and colours but i still love it!
This encouraged me to start taking pictures of what i would wear on different occasions or what i saw people wearing and i thought looked good on them!

Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, making mood-boards/ cutting out Magazine pages, Shopping, eating Italian or German food, travelling, playing Tennis, driving my moped!

Happy to answer any questions...

Contact: laura.koehler@live.com

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