Carry on my Wayward Son

jeans bralet: TOPSHOP/ black sheer top: Weekdays/ grey acid washed jeans: H&M/ studded boots: Deichmann/ Jacket: Vintage
Hey y'all! So i am super duper excited about going to a DEEP PURPLE CONCERT!!!! they are coming next week, Monday and i cannot wait to hear them live! I love the songs: Smoke on the water which is also one of the most famous ones, Dark Knight, Speed King, Woman from Tokyo! if you have time to waste and like good old rock then listen to it!
Anyways back to the outfit- i totally love the jeans because they are soo comfortable and you can wear them with a blouse or just a plain awesome band-tee--> it will always fit!
Ditto with the Military Jacket and the Boots!
I've had the sheer top in a while but it's great for summer and so is the bralet because they just add a little bit of sexiness to the outfit which is rather cool :D
btw the title of the post comes from a series called SUPERNATURAL!
 if you don't know well sorry for you :D lol no but seriously it's cool if you are into the whole hunting down supernatural stuff!
hope you guys have a great week (-end)

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