Final Countdown

jumper:Zara(old)/ acid washed jeggings: Zara (here)/  shoes: Buffalo/ ring: Bijou Brijitte/ watch: vintage
 Helllooo! so this is a rather casual outfit or lazy, whatever you want to call it. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes so for example i would just wear my biker boots with this and it would be just perfectly cosy and warm for a cold day :3
So the actual reason for this rather simple outfit is that i have been getting a lot of homework and well i have one month till my exams which means the ''FINAL COUNTDOWN'' as we like to call it, will start soon till the hell-week has arrived. And the best thing is that i need to study during the x-mas holidays since my exams are in January sooo woohoo!
Hope all you guys had a great Wednesday!
p.s.(for tomorrow) Happy Birthday to you Sarah Munro!

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