From tropical sceneries to biker or rock chic outfits

SO just to explain this rather random post.....i like tropical sceneries and the rather cold and rainy weather, here in Belgium, makes me want to go to some place warm with tall coconut or palm tree! That's why i have these really tropical and dreamy pictures!


Beautiful and very rocker chic or winter-y kind of shoes, saying that, i think it is quite clear that i would love to have all 4 pairs!

Outfit Inspiration from Tumblr (ofc)

I absolutely love love LOVE how all these different outfits are put together because they all kinda have this biker or rocker chic attitude to it and sometimes with a little elegance as well
p.s. new outfit-post coming soon with my new DEEP PURPLE BAND TEE and a VINTAGE LEVI JACKET!

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