New in!

Black crop top: Urban Outfitters (NEW)
galaxy tights: EBAYYYYYYY!
Tie-dye jumper with cut-outs-Urban Outfitters (NEW)
Hellloooo! So i went to Urban Outfitters last Saturday because i saw this AMAZE-BALLS Jumper online and i already knew that it was born to be in my closet. But before actually finding it in the store i also found this black velvet crop top which looks like it came from the 60's and so i basically fell for that as well! 
I think i might have a weakness for velvet and  and cut-outs!
The galaxy leggings are just soo wonderful even though they are very thin so not ideal for winter but i love them too much to care so all is good and the print is alright. I got them for about 24 euros so under 30 US dollars i think, i don't know but the price seemed alright, i guess. 
i seriously cannot wait to pair them with the black velvet top and probably other mystical or vintage stuff as well!
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