Purple Haze

Purple Blouse: MTWTFSS Weekdays/ Belt: Vintage/ Trousers: Black & White (vintage)/ Black suede wedge boots: VAGABOND/ necklace: 2nd Hand/ crystal necklace: Irish Tourist Shop in Dublin
So im first of all sorry for not posting as much as i used to but i am trying my best to balance everything :P anyways-----IT STARTED SNOWING IN BELGIUM AND OMFG WE STILL NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL.....usually school and snow do NOT go well together so everybody is rather upset that they need to go to school and can't play in the snow (which is gone, now).
So to the outfit.......
hahahah no but really i love it so much because it is so simple yet elegant and one can just add any kind of jewellery to it to punk it or add some glamour, i kinda did both to create a rather sophisticated look which has edge as well! The inspiration for this look was the movie: Some like it hot with Marilyn Monroe, where two guys disguise themselves as women in a band to hide from dangerous gansters....it's hilarious!
Hope you guys have a great weekend!New post probably coming next Monday!
p.s. the title of the post comes from the song Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix....thought it would go well together!

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