Gold Digger

Jean Shirt:  Joop! Jeans
Blue Jeans: Cheap Monday
Leather Jacket: Inno- Matin Blancs(old)
Creepers: Underground-Office (Dublin)
Bag: Vintage

This is more of a casual outfit post as it's not really anything extraordinary instead it is really comfy and great for chill-days in school or when you want to hang out with your friends. I wore the denim-on-denim look simply because it reminded me of the older days when finding gold, deep in the earth wasn't so easy and the workers working in those terrible conditions wore jeans/denim so they could collect the gold and put it in their pockets. The purse or bag on the other hand reminded me of the Dolce & Gabana Collection a while back and i thought it would look cute and add that little it has velvet so it's just gorgeous!

P.s. with the post-title, there has to be a corresponding song if you know what i mean ;D
hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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