No great story starts with ''when we ate salad..''

I know, i know, it has been a while but school is just being a little pain in the backside and i am still waiting for my friend to send me some pictures so it is going a little slower.
ANY-WHORES, this lovely guapa is one of my closet friends who has taken several photos for me (and my blog) so i thought i would share what she actually looks like (i know ewww!)... Portuguese people have a tendency to be freaking gorgeous-so annoying!

  I, especially, love the one below
-it shows her personality or madness(not sure which one to choose from)

Sarah is wearing:
Top:  Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Vintage JOOP!
Pants: Zara (but she lost them because well she is Sarah)
 P.s. this is her blog - i have mentioned it before and i am proud to say that this very simple and comfy outfit was styled by me with major influence of her 
P.S.S- the title is just demonstrating how we love to eat and drink (if you are confused).
Hope you guys can get easy thought this week!

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