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YO guys!
Since i am still going to a ''lovely'' school in Belgium, i will need to got here tomorrow which means that this Sunday was the last day of my Holidays *sobbing*. The Holidays were fun though, i mean i spent the best part of them with my friend in Cologne where we had this massive, and i do mean MASSIVE, 2 DAY SHOPPING SPREE! And it is because of this that i will need to pull it  a gear down when it comes to shopping in the next few weeks (like that is actually going to happen but one can only hope).
The Jumper from yesterdays post was part or was one of my favourites in the Shopping Spree and tomorrow there will be another piece which i got in Cologne and is ideal for Summer or any fancy occasion ( because we all know that a teenager has so many of those..... *irony)
So here is the preview:
 i know, my facial expression is its own way :')
And here is a song which i am falling in love with and it's great if you have a happy mood or in the need of summer like me:
Don't be surprised the German-Rapper is known for wearing his Panda mask--> German-Epicness

Hope you guys had a great weekend and remember new post tomorrow!

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