OOTD- Terracotta in my garden

Start of week=eek! heheh anyways this is what i wore today to school!
Except for the necklace, kind of forgot it at home....but i am that you understand when i say being kind of sloe in the morning when it comes to getting up and ready for the day. So i kind of just threw on comfortable clothes like this shirt or tunic, i guess you could call it which i bought a long time ago in FOREVER21. Of course i wore my leather pants, to give the outfit a bit more edgy vibe but also for the cold mornings and they surprisingly kept me cool as well during the ''hot'' hours of the day woohoo!


Parka : ONLY
Terracota Tunic: FOREVER 21
Leather Pants: Hotel particulaire
Black suede wedges: VAGABOND
Necklace: TOPSHOP
Bag: Ebay

Sweet Lord baby Jesus, i am so happy Monday is nearly OVER!!

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