Guys, it's again our favourite day of the week-Monday!  I just love the overenthusiastic attitude that everybody brings with them to school after a nice sunny weekend! 
To the outfit: This is actually what i wore to school, so it's bound to the comfy and since it's Monday and everyone is off to a slow start, well i am, my outfit is always pretty simple and includes some stables *sounding very professional* ;)
I am so happy though that it's finally warmer again which means you can wear your lighter jackets and no more puffy winter-jackets so i wore my Parka to celebrate!

 Parka: ONLY
Black tank top: H&M
Ombre Jeans: H&M
Studded Loafers: Deichmann
Bag: Guess

P.S. i bought the bag when i was at Rome and GUESS had a sale so i just had to buy it! meheheh so happy!


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