F*ck Science

I know that i haven't been very consistent with my posts lately but i had a lot of work to do since i did my motorboat license which i passed! 
Dear Lord, i am so happy!
Anyways this is what i wore today, as you can see. I absolutely adore the shirt because it is like no other i own! I mean come on unicorns, rainbows and a castle in the clouds!
Can it get any better?

And to explain why i only have this pic, is because my photographer you also happens to be my brother isn't in ''the mood'' to do it. In addition to that we are both busy so i guess we will both have to content ourselves with this lovely wanna-be-instagram kind-of post...

Cardigan: H&M
Jeans: ZARA

I am hoping to have a new blog post tomorrow but i won't promise anything, sorry!

the other shirt that i like:

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