but how we move from A to B can't be up to me

Im one of the lucky people who are in their pre-exam stress period which is not every-bodies' piece of cake, especially not mine. Anyways these pictures where shot during free time in school and they somehow turned out to be like telling the story of a girl who is on the move i.e. the title of the post.
It's getting warmer here but one would still consider it a mild-summer so far, since as you can see i am still wearing a hoddie under my Military jacket which should not be happening at the end of June!!
Im guessing that Belgium's weather gods are once again indecisive of what weather to give us and just give this weird weather thing...


Photos by Caroline Van De Water
P.S. Can we take a moment to appreciate these two old-timers i mean they are just nice!

Military jacket: Vintage & Rags
Top: 2nd Hand
Shorts: Vintage
Ballerina: Tamaris
Necklace: Pull & Bear

Song: Little Bit-Lykke Li
Have a nice wednesday y'all!
....*goes back to studying*

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