Hounds-tooth and Roses

Jumper: New Yorker
Jeans: Amisu
Creepers:  Underground
Lipstick:  Manhatten
I am back in Germany at the moment and as you can see there is still a small amount of snow left.
Nevertheless, I am sorry for not posting regularly but I have just had the need to rest and not do anything-I know it might seem really ignorant but I think that everyone just needs some time alone to relax to charge of on energy.
Either way, these pictures were actually taken near a broken down house which reminded me so much of American Horror Story Season 1. It's so creepy but at the same time really attractive.
Imagine the kind of Halloween Party that you would be able to plan in those kind of settings!
To the outfit: It is a lot colder here so I had to dig out my jumpers like this hounds-tooth one and paired it with dark red lipstick instead of a matte purple.

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