Jesus saves, I spend - UNIF

Top: UNIF / Trousers: Cheap Monday / Boots: LANDROVER / Hoodie: United Colours of Benetton

So long time, no speak?
Yea, I have been away from quite some time due to work for university and travelling to and from home like nearly every 3 weeks. 
Either way, Black Friday Sales hit the UK a while back and I received an e-mail from UNIF regarding the 40% sale that they were having online, so of course i had to buy some things. I ended up with this muscle-tee and a sweater which will be featured soon too!
The quality of the garments are good for the price and i love how each garment is able to just add that bit of grunge or ruggedness to an outfit. Of course, i paired this muscle-tee with my all so beloved black high waisted jeans because, let's face it: they are comfy and go with everything!
The 'Workman' Boots are from Landrover and i see them as an alternative to the infamous Timberland boots which are worn by Stars like Rihanna and model, Cara D. Furthermore, these are just at a fraction of the price and i prefer the black(as always) as oppose to the camel.


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