Summertime Sadness

Leather Blazer: Promode/ Cross Top: TOPSHOP/ Mint jeans: TOPSHOP/ Shoes: Deichmann/ Jewellery: H&M or Claires
Hello! This outfit reminds me so much of what i did in summer and how much i miss it! I bought the pants in the TOPSHOP in Dublin (which is a great city for young people!) but the pants i got from the TOPSHOP in Turkey! I guess this combination is very ''soft grunge'' well at least the top is and i kinda like it even though you can't see the colours that much due to the white wall or background.
I'm dying to try on all my different jumpers, leather jackets/skirts/leggings or faux fur vests/coats cause winter is knocking on everyone's door here in Belgium. Literally walking to the School-bus each morning makes me feel like a popsicle, i tend to freeze real easy!
So back to Summer which brings me to the Song: Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey which is just to die for and it reminds me so much of Summer-in a good way of course:
Enjoy but i bet y'all know it already, but i just love it so much like any other song by her!

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