Vintage Treasures

Jacket: Vintage Market (Brand:Tintoretto)/ top: Laura Ashley/ Jeans: Mangun/ Shoes: Deichmann/ Bag: Vintage

Hey! So let me tell you about this AMAZING BLAZER AND WHY IT'S AWESOME:
1) It's from the old Italian brand: Tintoretto which is famous for making clothing which last forever and has great quality well in my few it does
2) it's my mum's favourite brand ans so when i saw the label i was like OMFG i am getting that
3) the price was UNREAL! It was only 17.50 euros and it's freaking VELVET so like the best material EVER KNOWN TO MANKIND !
ok....enough freaking out
Any-whore, did anyone else notice how fast November is rushing by like holy cow it's already nearly half way through, kinda shocked me.
hope you guys have a great week!

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