Inspiration April '13

I apologize in advance for this long post but i love all the different outfits which i got from one of my favourite sites for inspirations~ here or here ~  
The thing or idea which excited me the most at the moment is that Black and White will play a huge role in Spring or Summer, besides pastels of course. I love the shade Black and White is one of it's closest companions, in my wardrobe anyway. 
If you are going to wear Black and White and only these two colours i would advice you, if you are a very confident person, to wear a bold red or burgurdy lipstick. A person who is more held-back and doesn't want to stand out that much should probably go with a nude lipstick or very subtle lip-gloss.

So after my ''wise'' words ~lol like that's even possible~ i hope you guys have a great Friday and Weekend! 
I should be posting another Outfit post soon-so keep tuned in for that!

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