Spiked Oranges

I finally am able to give you some decent outfit pictures due to me being on vacations in different countries and doing a nice deal of shopping!
Can we just take a moment here to appreciate the weather in these pictures?
I just cam back from a part in Germany where it was below -5 degrees and to have these lovely +8 degrees here is just a dream come true after freezing your butt off :D This explanation explains why i went for a more ''léger'' type of weather since the sun was shinning as-well which is unusual for Belgium's weather gods...
To the outfit~a very comfortable one due to the nice and not itching jumper (i despise jumpers which irritate my skin) and the luminous skirt, in orange, which gives it that pop of colour despite the red lips, and makes it perfect as a winter-to-spring-transitioning-outfit(yes, that's a word now :D )!

 P.S. i love this freaking spiked headband which i also saw in Topshop!

Jumper: Cheap Monday~ link
Skirt: MTWTFSS Weekdays ~ link
(broken) Tights: unkown
Shoes: Deichmann~ link
Headband & Rings: street shop in Rome * i will try to find out the name!* or Vintage

Hope you guys had a great Easter or Spring Break!

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