My Heart knows me better than myself

First of all: yes i do know that i look tired i.e. kinda explains why the first picture is in black and white heehehehh
Second: It is getting warmer here, well during some points which means i can bust out all my shorts again! woohoo!
Third: i can't really think of anything to cover up this third point so i will give you a smiley 
 To the outfit: Probably something that i would wear to school and to town when i got out because it's is insanely comfy and it's great for both night and day! The thing that i love the most about this outfit is the the blouse since it has this sort of reptile texture with golden accents to it therefore it shall be destined to be paired with golden accessories :D

Military Jacket: Vintage & Rags
Blouse: 2nd Hand ( L C Paris)
Shorts: H&M
Tights: Primark
Creepers: Underground (Office)
Necklace: Accessorize
Rings/ Bracelets: H&M, 2nd Hand, gifted

Hope you guys had a great weekend-i am so happy that this week is FINALLY OVER

And the song to this post since i am so creative when it comes to deciding what to name my posts :)

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