I'm at a place called Vertigo

 It's finally getting a little warmer here, well 17 degrees are a start into the spring-climate considering that we are talking about the rainy and often cold Belgium. This enable me to bust out light shirts like this mustard coloured one from FOREVER21 to enjoy the light warm breeze and temperature!
To the outfit: It's a simple outfit with a little bit of summer/Caribbean vibes which are due to the big golden loop earring which i got 2nd Hand!

Mustard Cropped Shirt: FORVER21
Grey acid-washed jeans: ZARA
Leopard Creepers: Office
Earrings:  2nd Hand
Rings: Topshop, H&M, gifted

Have a great start into the upcoming week!
p.s. the neon blue socks were unintended 

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