you are the sun...the only one

before any further explanations:
crazy week = crazy Saturday outfit

How y'all doing? Because i am so happy that this week is almost over because i kept bumping into objects and people at inconvenient times which was just great so i am glad that that is over!
But thank you mother nature for somehow making the sun appear in Belgium- we truly thank you!
To the outfit: yes dungarees! 
Definitely missed their comfy feel! In addition to that you can pair them with almost anything so if you are not into wearing band tees with them, then try floral tops or blouses. They all work and are cohesive! 
For my outfit i got inspired by the late 90's and well the whole idea of golden jewellery!

<3 Creepers <3 + glittery socks :3

Dungarees: Pimkie
Band tee: Santana Concert or ebay
Belt: Vintage
Creepers: Underground (Office)
Glittery Socks:  Vintage
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Lipstick: Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss 54

Hope you guys have a great weekend!
 updated the instagram btw! here

Song: Rock & Roll Queen by the Subways

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