Come with me...and escape

Belgium....what are you doing with the weather gods because the weather here is not constant...
But i am okay with it because then i get to wear my new black disco pants since it's just around 20 degree Celsius here, well at the moment but according to the forecast it is supposed to be getting warmer which means that i will be wearing high waisted bottoms again :D i.e. shorts and skirts!

Anyways let me rant about what i am wearing hehehehe-
The shirt is from urban outfitter and i found it in the men's sale section for only 12 euros and even though i have never watched any of the Star Wars movies i still got it since i just love star-ships and well you can never really go wrong with big black oversized shirts. And let's face it we all now that men's shirts are always more soft and comfy than some of the women's shirts.
The disco pants are from New Look and i actually went there to buy some black cut out boots but then i saw these in the sales for 15 euros and i have been eyeing the black jeggings from Topshop but then i got these for just a fraction of the price-whoop whoop!

P.S. some pictures are out of focused, trust me it annoys me aswell but we can all blame it on my camera adapting to the tripod-it's obviously the camera's fault :)

Disco Pants: New Look
Necklace: Vintage

Song: X You-Avicii

Have a great week everyone!

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