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I am sure that you are all acquainted with the feeling of laziness and procrastination during the holidays and being a teenager, i am using it to the full extend-heheheheh thus the lack of posts-sorry
Anyways, this is a rather comfortable outfit with a chic element-the simple black strap heels-but i if you are like me and prefer more of the comfortable type of shoes, i guess converse or sneakers should do the trick as well! The outfit that i am wearing here is something typical that i would wear to a night out because you can't exactly wear it to a dinner with family since there is a rather ''direct'' text on the shirt.....
personally, i think that the shirt is really something because it is and can be worn very laid back since it is so easy to throw on and if you want to spice it up just add some jewellery like i used my crystal necklace which i bought in a tourist shop in Dublin, Ireland.
Moving on from the shirt, let's talk denim!
Yes, i bought another pair of new jeans BUT for my defence i have to say that they are acid-washed (which makes them so much cooler) AND they were ON SALE at Urban Outfitters so i had to get the BDG jeans!
They are certainly made out of a thick denim material which make them great for fall/winter and they fit perfectly and they are high waisted!
All in all i completed the outfit with a cropped leather jacket from H&M since it is getting colder-again Belgium and its weather issues-grrrr

 An alternative of course for a more warmer climate would be to tie up the shirt with a 90's knot to make it cropped-making it much more bearable and wearable in the hotter climate!

I really do not know why i like doing this pose but i think it's kinda funny :P

Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Pimkie
Earrings: River Island
Rings: Gifted & H&M

Have a great day everyone!

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