Deceptacon State of Mind

Am I the only one who dies internally when they find out that the weekend is over and that it is Monday again?
Anyway this is basically an ootd of what i wore to school today-yes it is daring, i know...but i felt like wearing knee-high socks and high waisted shorts with a sparkly jumper. I am that kind of girl!
I also wanted to point out that long or ''big'' post will probably only come up on weekends, seeing as i will be very busy this school year-it's my last year of High School! I hope you guys understand because knowing my teachers, i will have a tons of tests and homework coming my way..eww
My motto: ''Don't worry, be happy!''

Parka: ONLY
Sparkly Jumper: Vintage
High-waisted Shorts: Vintage
Knee-high socks: H&M
Creepers: Underground UK

Song: Deceptacon State of Mind-Stix

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