i don't care how high you are

Happy Halloween everyone!
I seriously cannot wait to start my movie marathon for tonight!
Anyways, i am on a break right this moment and spent some time in Germany where i also did a lot of shopping. Hmmm Germany and their sales-just lovely!
So about this outfit: pretty basic with layering going on.
I basically just wore a band tee which i got from the Wiz Khalifa concert that i went to and on top i wore a hoodie from Milan and then just a nice warm coat with the leather sleeves detail.
On the bottom half, i just wore some black skinny jeans and to elongate my legs more, some black wedges. 

Later on, I went to visit a castle in Coburg, Bayern, Germany.

Coat: JBC
Shirt:  Concert
Shoes: Vagabond

Song : What so Not- High you are (Branchez Remix)


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