Introducing the Fluffy Leopard Coat

 Guess who is going to start pimping around the Brussels area.....
To be honest i though the coat just looks so sick that i just could not leave it hanging on the rack. It could go through as a vintage piece but i actually found it in a well-known store in Germany : NewYorker.
I have been seeing (fake) fur-coats in like nearly every store, in every shape, size and colour..
it's crazy but so fluffy!
Knowing me i will probably be wearing this coat with very dark or black outfits because you can't really beat the very statement piece which of course is the leopard coat.
FYI: i was not trying to imitate Miley Cyrus. I was just being my silly-self.


Shoes: Vagabond

Song: THE GEEK x VRV- It's Because


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