Inspiration Fall '13 Part II

via Tumblr

Decided to post a new inspiration post since i have sort become addicted to Tumblr again -ups...
I guess it would be a mix of grunge with classical pieces which have something very interesting about it.
Recently i have also become obsessed with fluffy or fake fur coat i think that they are such a statement piece and just amp up any outfit to a whole new level.
Now, let's talk about sweaters! The sweater weather has reached Belgium and so has the rainy-autumn weather which means warm sweaters and socks! Ah man i just love being comfy!
After Halloween,  I was also really inspired into getting a more ''darker'' look so more simple gold and silver rings paired with an all black outfit! And to be honest, i don't have a problem mixing gold and silver jewellery even though it's said to be against ''the rules of fashion'' but oh well i think every now and then one is allowed to rebel against the system. teeeheee!
That's all for now folks!

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