After being missing in action for more than a week-i am back!
I drove to Amsterdam by boat with my family and we spent two days in the packed but yet so attractive city! The thing that i loved the most was probably the architecture of the hold house by the small canals which run throughout the whole city! Over 750,000 people live in Amsterdam currently and trust me, if you go there you will see them on the streets or the city. Either way, you are sure as hell not alone!
The second day in Amsterdam, we took a tour and visited all the tourist sites and then i went shopping at River Island where i got these high waisted burgundy shorts from. To be honest, it was probably the fact that Rihanna agreed to do a collaboration or collection,whatever you want to call it, for them which drove me to go!
But i am happy with what i bought and to be back in Brussels after 7 days of being in the Netherlands and on the boat!

Jacket: Vintage & Rags in Cologne
Shorts: River Island
Bag: Vintage
Necklace: gift

Martin Garrix-Animals

Have a great weekend!

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