Give you up

I have no clue how but somehow summer has returned in early September well in Belgium it has and of course it won't stay here for long. 
Anyway enough about the weather but as any other sensible person, you want to dress accordingly to it so in a way it is relevant. This should explain why i wore a simple khaki/green dress in this outfit post. It is very light weight and to make less boring or simple i added a studded belt so it gives it some funk. In the cold morning i would preferably wear this with my military/army jacket because it is obviously green as well or a leather jacket because you can never go wrong with leather :D
Anyhow, it was wayyyy and i mean WAYYYYYYYY to hot to even wear that at around 7pm....crazy Belgium weather-when will we ever understand thee?
I just wanted to say sorry for not being able to post-i was just always busy and since school started i have been really exhausted as well....ugh school but oh well it's my last year!

Photos by Sarah El Hassani
Dress: [Nümph]
Belt: Zara
Shoes: Tamaris
Bag: Guess

Song: Give you up-Crayon feat. KLP

Thank God it's Friday tomorrow and i hope you guys had a great week :D

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